[LAYER FIVE] addiction he checks his phone. No response. he breathes in. and he surrenders to the fact that he is on his way to Hell he sits here breathingfully aware of what is going onnot yet aware what is really going on.because if he were he would not be here his mind is racinghis heart is crying and then after a good while the bus stops “last stop” is announced. he gets off this is not Hell he thinks there is a gap in his awarenessa gap between him and that which made him take this bus he takes three deep breathsand the gap widensbetween him and that which now appears as an entity it leaves his mind, his bodythe entity is called  Addiction and he can see that it pretends to be him.but it is not him. and thisbegs the question: who is he? his name is Nameless Richardbut that is not who he is
launching soon